Evolutionary Nutrition Conference and Staffan Lindeberg Memorial

On October 12 of this year, in Lisbon, Portugal, NutriScience is hosting a nutrition conference at which I’ll be speaking.  The purpose of this conference is twofold: to bring together world experts on evolutionary nutrition, and to celebrate the life and work of Staffan Lindeberg, MD, PhD.  The conference will be held in English and is for everyone who is interested in nutrition, health, and human evolution.  Scroll down for details; register here.

I’ve been thinking about how to benefit the audience and honor Lindeberg.  I’ll be touching on some of the themes of my book The Hungry Brain, but I’ll place that information in the broader context of modern global public health, tying it in to my recent work with the Open Philanthropy Project.  I think Lindeberg would appreciate this big-picture view of global evolutionary health.  Here are some questions my talk will address:

  • What are the primary challenges facing modern global health?  What are the primary health burdens in affluent and low-income settings and how are they likely to change over time?
  • Do evolutionary mismatches (discrepancies between the environments we are genetically adapted to and the current environment) explain our primary health burdens?
  • What, exactly, is the nature of the evolutionary mismatches that drive poor health?

I think we can gain significant insight into our current predicament by merging the global health data produced by the World Health Organization and the Global Burden of Disease project with concepts from evolutionary biology, economics, and neuroscience.

If you’ve never been to Lisbon before, it’s a delightful place.  The city is lovely and full of culture and good food.  The cost of hotels and food are lower than in most large Western European cities.  Hope to see you there!

Follow this link to register

Prof. Loren Cordain (USA.), Prof. Lynda Frassetto (USA), Dr. Ainara Sistiaga (USA/Spain), Dr. Stephan Guyenet (USA), Prof. Frits Muskiet (Netherlands), Dr. Bodo Melnik (Germany), Maelán Fontes (Spain), Óscar Picazo (Spain), Dr. Tommy Jonsson (Sweden), Sérgio Veloso (Portugal), Pedro Carrera Bastos (Portugal), Dr. Csaba Tóth y Dr. Zsófia Clemens (Hungary).


8h45 AM – 5h00 PM

InterContinental Lisbon Hotel, Rua Castilho 149

08h45-9h00: Opening remarks (Prof. Lynda Frassetto)
09h00-9h30: Dietary shifts during human evolution (Dr. Ainara Sistiaga)
09h30-10h00: What does a modern Paleolithic diet look like (Prof. Loren Cordain)
10h00-10h15: Round table with Q & A (Moderator: Prof. Lynda Frassetto)
10h15-10h30: Short break
10h30-11h00: Poster session**
11h00-11h25: The Hungry Brain (Dr. Stephan Guyenet)
11h25-11h50: The land-water ecosystem in human brain evolution (Prof. Frits Muskiet)
11h50-12h15: Evolutionary perspective on milk signalling in adults (Dr. Bodo Melnik)
12h15-12h30: Round table with Q & A (Moderator: Pedro Bastos)
12h30-13h30: Lunch break
13h30-13h50: Clinical experience and research with the Paleolithic Ketogenic diet – 2010-2017 (Dr. Csaba Tóth and Dr. Zsófia Clemens)
13h50-14h10: Clinical research with modern Paleolithic diets – The known, unknown and unknowable (Maelán Fontes)
14h10-14h30: Cooking methods as confounders in dietary intervention studies (Óscar Picazo)
14h30-14h50: Beyond diet – lifestyle changes as confounders in nutrition research (Pedro Bastos)
14h50-15h10: Round table with Q & A (Moderator: Dr. Tommy Jonsson)
15h10-15h30: Short break
15h30-16h30: Round table with all the speakers and moderators – establishing future research directions (Moderator: Sérgio Veloso)
16h30-16h45: Closing remarks (Prof. Lynda Frassetto)
*This conference will be held in English.

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  1. Will these lectures be video-recorded? Would really like to attend, but I’m a starving college student. I would be interested in working the event (not sure if my fluency in Spanish would help).